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How to Create Room for Self-Care in the Home

In times of stress and pressure, self care can slide. We can all grow accustomed to a fast paced lifestyle and forget to pause sometimes and put ourselves first. But without self-care we’re at risk of burnout, and letting our health slide. Ensuring we incorporate self care into our daily routine can sometimes feel difficult to manage so we’ve prepared some tips on creating room for self care in your own home. By making it accessible and designing your space to be as calming and soothing as possi

We spoke to the Leeds student who managed to sell her handmade earrings to Grace Fit

Bet they look fab with her resistance bands Everyone knows that your student loan doesn't cover your rent, let alone your weekly night out to Beaverworks. And the thought of being a club promotor? Well that literally kills you inside. But don't give up just yet. We spoke to Charlotte, a 20 year old Leeds student, who started her own successful jewellery business selling handmade earrings. As well as making their way around pretty much every festival this year, instagram fitness legend and com

We talked to the Leeds girls trading cardio shifts for dead lifts

There’s a growing community of women in gyms across the country: women with barbells, dumbbells, squat racks, on benches, and also women weight lifting. And with an obvious increase in online fitness bloggers donning gym shark leggings and demonstrating lat pull downs, this fitness movement isn't accidental. Women have been fighting for years for increased representation in the weightlifting community, and now they’re taking to social media in droves. The Leeds Tab found out why more girls at

How to Create a Productive Office Space

Modern life has necessitated that a large portion of society is now spending more time in their office than any other place. With time taken away for commuting, shopping, socializing, the office may even be a more frequented space than the home for some. If you’re spending this much time in one space, then you should consider ensuring you’re getting the most benefit from it as you possibly can. Whether you’re designing your own home office or redecorating a larger communal space, your office sp

Creating your own Perfect Home Bar

An escape from the busy world, you want your home to be relaxing, stocked with comforts, and a fun space to spend your time and unwind. Most people also want their home to be somewhere people can congregate. So, its no surprise a record amount of people are looking into designing their own home bar. Home bars should be inviting and stylish, but also purposeful and organised, so sometimes managing both can be a tricky feat. Here’s what we suggest to create your own perfect home bar. Location, lo

How to Choose Plants for your Home Office

These days we are all stuck in inside for much longer than we would normally like to be. So, we’ve adapted and started to make the most of the space around us, including by renovating and redecorating our space at-home. If there’s one thing that can add peace and serenity as well as a casual style to any room, it’s plants. With great health and stress busting benefits it’s no wonder no room looks complete without some. But if your home or office is short on light it’s hard to know which plants

Making the Most of your Studio Apartment – Interior Design, Design News and Architecture Trends

Whether you’re creating the perfect studio to rent or trying to transform your living area, it can sometimes feel a little difficult to make the most of your studio apartment. Often smaller, a little cramped, and with little light, studios are a great inexpensive way to live in city centres and are becoming increasingly popular for younger people. But there are design choices you can make today to elevate your space, creating a studio you’ll love. To help separate your space curtains or foldin

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Explore a selection of my published poetry available online and related mentions of my poetic work below. 

Caitlin Mckenna —

and dreaming of invisible strings, the things - golden, blue, iridescent in their shine and I thought of the time you stood gleaming in the light of my attic window and I could have sworn I glimpsed the thread connecting me to you. I had to turn, my eyes blinded by the sun but I knew if I tugged at it you would have come melting all over me until we puddled together, unable to separate ourselves ever again. From July to January I sprang in my elastic though between the idea that you had

My Glorious Quill

The book, My Glorious Quill is a collection of poems by some amazing and aspiring writers from all around the world embracing the ideology of being themselves and presenting their best of best works. These poems are rich in imagery, flawless in structure, vivid poetic devices, great narrations, and deep meaningful insights. These talented poets have a way of awakening readers and their senses to unique pleasures. To add a bit of spark, Wingless Dreamer Publisher artists have included some amazin

A Reading List for Pride Month 2021

For Pride Month, observed annually during the month of June, we asked the many independent literary presses and magazines that make up our membership to share with us some of the literature by LGBT+ writers they recommend reading in celebration. Edited by Cynthia R. Greenlee, Kemi Alabi, and Janna A. Zinzi, this collection features “community reporting that disrupts political and social norms in order to envision a Black, queer liberated future.” Home Is Where You Queer Your Heart Edited by M
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Brittle Bones by Caitlin Mckenna

Last week a guy did something to me. I don’t think I need to elaborate. Because to draw out the tale would be to get tangled in the web and the web is not what is important. I am what is important. And I stopped myself from talking about it or from crying to my mother, because I was scared of what she would think. Because some days, I look at my bare thighs and recall every time I have asked to be kissed and I cannot help but to conclude that is why he had deemed he could. I know that no one is ever asking for it but when it comes to my own body, sometimes, I feel like the exception.

Chardonnay by Caitlin McKenna

The wine is becoming rancid in the bottle, as if my restraint is toxic My mother drinks three bottles a night between her and my father My father can drink two glasses if he has work the next day Two glasses and a gin if he does not, And then when my mother has gone to bed, the vino helping her to drift, The dark spirits come out Like ghosts roaming the halls in pitch, Seeing only what is left behind An empty glass, A television, volume set on low Slurred speech My mother cries, tel

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37 Amazon Home Items That Are So Good You’ll Be Glad You Can Get Them Delivered

We all need home items, whether that’s dishcloths, bedding, or decorative accessories to create a cozy ambiance. And despite there being an endless supply of stores selling these items, my secret is that I buy everything from Amazon to get the best deal and great quality products. That way I can see what has positive ratings from other customers before I try something out. To give you some insight into my favorite Amazon home items, I’ve put together a list of 37 of my go-to products. You’ll fi

37 Amazon Beauty Products For Everyone, Whether You're a Newbie or Pro

You don’t have to be a professional to look great. Perfect, luscious hair or soft, smooth skin might only be one product away. Whether you’ve got a twelve-step skincare routine or struggle to apply mascara, you deserve to feel beautiful. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done the hard work for you and found 37 beauty products on Amazon for everyone. Here’s our list of favorite beauty products from the perfect eyeliner for achieving those dramatic cat eyes, to lip scrubs that help get rid of that

37 Amazon Home Items We Didn’t Think We Needed Until We Had Them

From bedding to kitchenware, we all need home items for everyday life and sometimes we find products that we didn’t even know we needed. I’m all for making life a little easier, and more stylish, so I’ve compiled a list of 37 home items I didn’t know I needed until I had them. All of these products are from Amazon and have had awesome reviews – so you don’t just need to take my word for it. From textured silicone oven mitts that will save your hands from burning to this bamboo wedge pillow that

37 Things For Anyone Who Needs A Pick Me Up

We all need a little pick me up every now and again. As the days get darker and the stress of the world starts to get to us all, it’s important to treat yourself to what makes you happy. Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby to destress and relax, for health products to improve your mood, or even just something cute and practical, the product you’re looking for is out there and boy will it make you feel better. To make it a little easier to find them, we’ve created a list of our favorite

37 Amazon Finds That Wowed Us For Under $15

Now if I’m honest it doesn’t take much for a product to wow me. Adorable designs, clever solutions to pesky problems, or just reliable everyday must haves that do the job every time, the most important thing for a product to really stand out amongst the hundreds of thousands available on Amazon is great value for money. From household faves like stylish glass tumblers to innovative GPS tracking devices that can bedded to dog collars so you’ll never lose man’s best friend again, these products s

37 Kitchen Gadgets You'll Want to Snag Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is arguably one of the most important days of the year for one major reason – food. It’s an iconic meal, up there with Christmas Day. But for the people cooking it, it can be an absolute nightmare. From preparing the turkey to sides and desserts (not to mention catering for your cousins who decided they were Paleo this year) it’s a lot. So why don’t you make it a little easier on yourself this year and treat yourself to some incredible kitchen gadgets! We’ve put together a list of

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