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The Spaces Between Us

The Spaces Between Us explores the themes of Distance and Home in many unique ways, Covid-related and otherwise. Does home represent comfort? Is distance freedom? Or is home becoming claustrophobic, distance a painful gap from something precious? This diverse collection of poetry and prose offers readers a rich collage of perspectives from writers across Yorkshire and beyond. All contributors are associated in some way with Leeds Trinity University – students, staff, alumni, and performers at the monthly Wordspace Open Mic.

Peeling Veins and Tying Laces

and dreaming of invisible strings, the things

- golden, blue, iridescent in their shine and I thought of the time

you stood gleaming in the light of my attic window and I could have sworn

I glimpsed the thread connecting me to you.

I had to turn, my eyes blinded by the sun

but I knew if I tugged at it you would have come melting all over me

until we puddled together, unable to separate ourselves ever again.

From July to January I sprang in my elastic though between the idea

that you had

Woman Says Her Boyfriend Pays for Everything Because She’s 'An Investment'

While most boyfriends may see their girlfriends as a prize, one woman’s boyfriend has gone a step further…

Ed Reay, twenty-two, met Hannah Chan, twenty-seven, in July 2021 and they soon hit it off. They were both business owners and got on so well that Canadian Ed soon moved to London in September 2021 after just 3 months together.

Just as their relationship progressed very quickly, the split of household bills quickly shifted too. Although Hannah is extremely career minded and 5 years older t

UFC Fighter Elias Theodorou Dies Aged Just 34

The UFC fighter Elias Theodorou died on Sunday, aged just thirty-four years old.

As a beloved and successful former fighter, fans and fellow sportsmen are shocked to hear of his passing. Reports suggest he preferred to keep his illness out of the public eye.

Theodorou began had his pro debut in 2011 and won a UFC contract only 3 years later in 2014. He won the sport’s largest promotion 8 times and at the end of his career, he stood at 19-3. The late athlete last competed in December 2021 again

Dr. Dre's Super Bowl Halftime Show Wins First-Time Emmy

Visionary rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Dr. Dre can now add another win to his long list of awards — an Emmy for his incredible Super Bowl halftime show.

The Super Bowl is the most awaited annual sporting event in the US with millions of fans tuning in or turning out at the stadiums to be a part of the final NFL playoff of the season. But as the years pass, even non-football fans are starting to take an interest for one reason only: the halftime show.

With previous performers like Michael

Actors Who Just Disappeared From Hollywood While in Their Prime

When actors become famous sometimes it seems like we see them everywhere. Wherever you look, there’s an A-list star sporting the cover of a magazine or splashed across a billboard. So it can definitely be shocking when all of a sudden a celeb who was dominating the box office suddenly just vanishes from the public spotlight.

But for whatever reason, many actors do decide to do this. One day they’ll be on a press tour for their upcoming blockbuster movie, and the next you’ll find yourself asking

37 Amazon Items From Oprah’s Favorite Things List This Year

It’s that magical time again. The year has come to an end and we’re all wrapping up our favorite memories and picks of the year. And that includes the highly anticipated Oprah’s favorite things list of all the items the celebrity entertainer and personality have loved this year. Everyone’s favorite talk show host has shared her annual list, so if you need inspiration for gifts or your next Amazon order then you know exactly what to pick.

Oprah really is the woman with it all and if there’s anyo

37 Amazon Home Items That Are So Good You’ll Be Glad You Can Get Them Delivered

We all need home items, whether that’s dishcloths, bedding, or decorative accessories to create a cozy ambiance. And despite there being an endless supply of stores selling these items, my secret is that I buy everything from Amazon to get the best deal and great quality products. That way I can see what has positive ratings from other customers before I try something out. To give you some insight into my favorite Amazon home items, I’ve put together a list of 37 of my go-to products.

You’ll fi

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Caitlin Mckenna (they/she) is a queer, communist, vegan poet from Leeds. In the last year, Caitlin has been working as a writer across the North and performing at spoken word events and festivals, alongside getting pieces published in various journals. Their debut chapbook Now Say It Back was released by Bent Key Publishing in 2022. As a founder of the literary affinity group, Bone Down, Cait is dedicated to bringing accessible poetry events to the public. With a profoundly confessional style and an unapologetically confrontational voice, Caitlin’s poetry is a brash assertion of queer identity and sexuality in the face of conformity and conservatism.